Adelaide Showground to host an RV park

The Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society of South Australia (RA&HS) has revealed its development plans for the South-East corner of the Adelaide Showground.

The new multi-purpose space can accommodate music festivals throughout the year, Cirque du Soleil, horses during the Royal Adelaide Show and a motorhome park at other times.

RA&HS Chief Executive John Rothwell says the development has a high standard of design with the flexibility outside of Show-time to accommodate multiple events and services.

“Whilst the $7 million investment for the Society is significant, it is expected the development will fully pay for itself within a ten-year period,” he said.

“A lot of thought has gone into the planning and development for this space and its uses, but also important is the horticultural element supporting a key strategy to continue greening the Showground.

“It’s envisaged the 80-site motorhome park will provide additional accommodation options for visitors coming to Adelaide. It will also provide a further economic contribution to Adelaide businesses and a diversification in revenue for the Society.”

The last major development at the Showground was completed in mid-2017, with a complete rebuild of the North-West corner of the Showground, a further investment by the Society of approximately $8 million.

The South East corner development is scheduled to be completed in April 2020, ahead of Cirque du Soleil Adelaide’s opening night of May 29.



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