Add Oatlands Historical Society Museum, Tasmania – to your list!

Oatlands Heritage Highway Information & Historical Society3

by Leisa Cooper, CAMPS Researcher

Whilst out checking some sites and taking photographs of the Southern Midlands of Tasmania, I came across the Oatlands Historical Society Museum at the entrance to the town.  The museum doubles as the town’s Information Centre and is a treasure trove of the area’s history. Expect to spend lots of  time here fossicking amongst the amazing displays of photographs, newspaper items, books, and items of historical significance as well as a large collection of military memorabilia.

The museum also offers you the “Oatlands Key” which allows access to historical buildings in Oatlands including the 1829 Supreme Court and 1836 Gaoler’s residence.   Oatlands has the largest collection of historic sandstone buildings in Australia.  You can still see the sails of the working windmill.

Visitors can collect the key, pay a small deposit which is refunded on return.  The key unlocks each building which has been fitted with an electronic card reader.

You’ll find the centre at 107 High Street on the corner where the Lake Dulverton Rest Area commences.  When you finish your walk down memory lane, don’t miss the topiary trail, designed by Tasmanian sculptor Stephen Walker and made by a local resident, they grow in several locations around the town.

When you stop for a rest, there’s the most amazing crepe and coffee shop a little further up the road.  The treats here were to die for!   I’ll definitely be back.



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