Little Blue Lake, Sth Mt Cameron image by Nic Betts Media

One of our CAMPS researchers, Leisa is actually based near Branxholm and another resident Karen Haywood has kindly shared some of her photos with us. Both give us the local’s knowledge on what to see and do when you are in town.

Leisa tells us, “I love that we have some hidden places like these that travellers often haven’t heard of, so they are guaranteed never to be crowded.”

1. Blue Lake
This little known spot is a result of the mining days, located between Derby and Gladstone. Not recommended for swimming – it was originally a mine hole and has a high mineral content – but isn’t it beautiful?

2. Mount Paris Dam
Mt. Paris Dam is stunning with a cave and waterfall 13 km from Branxholm, and you can walk alongside the river and a long way downstream.  It’s really hidden, quite hard to find in the middle of forestry, you have to know where it is.  The ruins are 100m from the road.

The ruins of the Mt Paris Dam

The ruins of the Mt Paris Dam

3. Explore Branxholm township
We are a very small town, a Pub, IGA with petrol bowser, pizza shop, cafe and Italian restaurant and a free campsite for tourists. We are known for our hop fields, they’ve just been harvested!  We’ve just had some new additions to the area, two Alpacas at Tin Timbers our local Cafe here, (Bluey and Edwina) pictured, they’ve only been here a week and already a hit with travellers.  They pop their heads up with everything going past as they are inquisitive and getting used to things.  We’ve also had two baby goats born Leo and Tulip (only two days old) to Peter and Christian at Barbara’s Cottage B&B. (pics attached).


4. River Walk
Local Karen Haywood told CAMPS to take the river walk on the right side of the bridge, over the road from the park: “The walk takes you up river bank you can paddle kayak, swim or fish.” It is only 900m and 15 minutes. This is where you may just spot a platypus!

5. Stroll through history
Karen also said Branxholm has Chinese history with the mines, the bridge shows and tells the history. Branxholm is an important stop in the historic ‘Trail of the Tin Dragon’ from Launceston to St Helens, in Tasmania’s north west. The famous bridge and plaques represents where Chinese miners were confronted in 1877 and an interpretative marker explains more about the incident. 


The ruins of the Mt Paris Dam

The ruins of the Mt Paris Dam

Images courtesy of Leisa Cooper and Karen Haywood, Little Blue Lake Image by Nic Betts Media