10 out of 10: Mitchell Falls Camp, The Kimberley, Western Australia

CAMPS Ambassador Amanda said: “We loved our truck overnighter here and we all forgot how fun and comfy camping in the truck is.

“A basic bush camp but with hybrid eco toilets and a water collection point for boiling, and fire pits – what more do you need? 

“Fees were $11/adult, $7/concession and kids 6 & up $3 /night. Overall Mitchell Falls experience 10/10!”

Ngarinyin and Wunambul people as the traditional custodians of Mitchell River National Park, you need an online Uunguu Visitor Pass, before you arrive.

Give yourself 4-6 hours for the round trip, walking through “rough country” to Mitchell Falls. On the way, just 800m from the campground, check out Little Mertens Falls.

Said Amanda, “Little Mertens and Big Mertens Falls are visited on the walk to or from the helicopter landing at Mitchell. The walk is a 5km one way to or from the helicopter landing area at Mitchell Falls. It has these other two amazing spots along the way and a couple of other swimming spots to make a day of it!”

Drive in is a rough dirt road. 4wd or capable AWD and takes about 2.5 hours one way from the Kulumburu turn off / King Edward River Camp

“We just did a one night camp.” said Amanda. She advised an early start to drive there to arrive mid morning, “Either pack some lunch to take or have a quick one at camp before taking the helicopter over to the falls. Walk back to camp over about three hours and stop and take it all in!”

She said helicopters can be pre-booked when you have reception or booked on arrival (obviously less time options if booked on arrival but you also know what time you have arrived to camp). The helicopters leave right from the camp and anyone can book and pay there. 

Mitchell Falls Camp, The Kimberley, Western Australia Image by Overland Exposure

“You can also walk to the falls and then catch the helicopter back to camp but if you do it that way you have to pre-book your time for your helicopter before you start your walk and make sure you are at the landing spot on time. This then makes your walk time pressured which isn’t as enjoyable. So we definitely suggest flight over and walk back to camp.”

They thought one night was ample time, as there is not not much else out this way. Don’t swim below the falls – there may be crocs!

We suggest heading to King Edward River for a swim and camp after leaving Mitchell Falls Camp. 

Images by Overland Exposure

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