10 Lockdown boredom busters for frustrated campers

Yelarbon Silo Art - image credit: Hugh Gilmore
Yelarbon Silo Art - image credit: Hugh Gilmore

We are feeling for you Victorians! And anyone who is in ‘iso’ again. You’ve had a taste of freedom after our first lockdown, nationwide – but it has become tougher. With only essential businesses open in some locations, and limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, we thought of a list that might help you through these coming days.

Lockdown Boredom Buster #1 Trip planning

Time to pull out the CAMPS 10 and Caravan Parks 5 books and plot those trips you haven’t yet travelled. Make a list of possible routes you’d like to embark on one day soon – build a spreadsheet or two to make your trip planning easy. Check out: www.campsaustraliawide.com/trip-planning-for-freedom-explorers/

Lockdown Boredom Buster #2 Review camps you know

Download the Camps Australia Wide App from your App store – only (1) if you like Apps and (2) if you haven’t already! It is available for a free 3 day trial. Now tap on sites (caravan parks, too) you’ve been to and add your images and a review of the site when you were there. 

Lockdown Boredom Buster #3 Share camping photos

Maybe apps aren’t your thing, but perhaps you love photography? If so please email in your images of favourite sites – campgrounds, caravan parks, showgrounds, forest reserves, rest areas – the lot! Tell us the CAMPS 10 number if you can. 

We also welcome images for your must see and do places in Australia – it could be a favourite walk, museum, tourist attraction, national park, visitor information centres, picnic areas… the list is endless! 

Lockdown Boredom Buster #4 Share local knowledge

We’d love to hear about your town or city and what it is you take your visitors to see and do. Perhaps you already have some photos you’d like to share?

Lockdown Boredom Buster #5 Play a game

If you are on Facebook, every Friday at our Facebook page we reveal an Aussie location – see if you know where it is and add a comment. The answer is posted on Saturday. Check out: www.facebook.com/CampsAustraliaWide/

Lockdown Boredom Buster #6 Send in a location

Perhaps you have a photo for our “Where am I Friday?”… It can’t be too obvious – for instance, not a photo with a town name in it! It could be a tourist attraction, a statue, public art, a well known building or road/landscape – enough for some of us to make a guess! 

Lockdown Boredom Buster #7 Favourite Roadtrips

What are some of the BEST road trips you’ve taken? Send us your suggested itineraries with favourite places and points of interest along the way. It could be Outback, Coast, Hinterland… or on a theme, like festivals, fossicking or fishing! 

Lockdown Boredom Buster #8 Talk to other campers

Another one for those on Facebook, join our private group – ‘I Love Camping Australia Wide’. We are a little different to other groups – content is clean and respectful. There are no “free camps near such and such” questions. Tips about generators, rigs, storage, heating, antennas and so on, are only on Thursdays. The photos of campsites, caravan parks, and ‘must see and do’ locations in Australia have been amazing! 


Lockdown Boredom Buster #9 More inspiration

With 20 years of research and CAMPS books, there’s a lot of free camps, caravan park reviews, must-sees and travel tips all on our blog. It sure will help your trip planning! See: https://www.campsaustraliawide.com/blog/

Lockdown Boredom Buster #10 Make a video! 

Finally, send us in a video! It could be you telling us why you love your CAMPS book or Camps Australia Wide App; it could be footage from your favourite campsites or Aussie destinations, or cooking a treat from the Camps Australia Wide Community Cookbook (or one of your ‘go-to’ camping recipes) – it might just be what you plans are for after ‘iso’. We’d love to hear from you! 

Although we cannot acknowledge images in the App or promotional videos, any images we add to the blog or our social media we will always acknowledge you! You could be featured in our popular email newsletter, as well! So please drop us a line at: info@campsaustraliawide.com or find out more at www.campsaustraliawide.com

About the author: CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE

Michelle and Heatley Gilmore from Camps Australia Wide produce Australia’s favourite camping and RV travel guides – books, POI for navigation systems and the Camps Australia Wide App. With a 20 year history, the Aussie owned, Mum-and-Dad business has paved the way for RV travellers, and has been recognised as the single most influential product in caravanning and camping in Australia, “because it took the hard work out of planning a trip or finding the best places to stay” (Roam magazine).

If you are missing camping – like at Long Waterhole, Winton, Queensland, then Camps Australia Wide have some ideas for you

If you are a frustrated camper, here are some excellent tips to keep that travel bug at bay from the Camps Australia Wide team, pictured at Yelarbon, Queensland

Camps Australia Wide stop at Winton - Long Waterhole image credit: Hugh Gilmore
Camps Australia Wide stop at Winton - Long Waterhole image credit: Hugh Gilmore



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