Lamington National Park - Yalnungala Falls

Yalnungala Falls

O’Reillys Rainforest Retreat is south of Canungra in Queensland – and after last year’s devastating bushfires in May followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, what was known as Green Mountains campground, reopened as O’Reilly’s Campground. We checked it out recently and Heatley found us our very own waterfall – all to ourselves!

The weather was scorching that week, even though we were walking under the cool of the rainforest canopy, As soon as we found the rock pools at Picnic Rock, I couldn’t have been more happy to sink into a little rockpool. it was more like a spa with the creek cascading through.

Heatley explored upstream and found this freezing waterhole, under Yalnungala Falls. So cold and refreshing, you could only keep your hands under for a little while. What a pretty spot. I did have to scramble over a 100 metres of so of rocks to get to it, but it was worth it!

At Picnic Rock, the Box Forest Circuit and Toolona Creek Circuit tracks combine. 

We also visited Elabana Falls, Box Log Falls and heaps more just on this track (we are told there are over 500 nearby in Lamington National Park.

Here’s a hint – unlike us (and me huffing and puffing after my tribe) – tackle the walk clockwise from the #BorderTrack, not anticlockwise like we did! It was only 7 km return to Elabana – but since we decided to keep on going – Heatley hates backtracking – it turned into a 12 km and an uphill kind of day! Good calorie burn. 

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Lamington National Park - Elabana Walk

Elabana Walk

Lamington National Park - Picnic Rock

Picnic Rock

Lamington National Park - Nugurun

Ahhhh! Cooling off at Picnic Rock, just off the path


Lamington National Park - Box Log Falls

We think this is Nugurun falls, you walk over it on the Box Forest Circuit


Lamington National Park - Box Log Falls

Elabana Falls

Lamington National Park FallsBox Log Falls

Lamington National Park Falls
 Beautiful Elabana Falls