Boat Harbour Beach – now day use only

UPDATE January 2020:

This areas is now DAY USE ONLY. But it is a beautiful spot – so take a picnic! 


Waratah Wynyard Council advised CAMPS last year that Boat Harbour Beach, had never been an official camp site. We are pleased to here that council has allowed freedom camping. This site is now in our App. Please add back to your CAMPS 10: 108 E6 (GPS: 40 55 37 S  145 36 56 E).

Here’s the latest from council:

In Sept/Oct 2018 Waratah Wynyard Council conducted a survey of Boat Harbour Beach residents and ratepayers to determine sentiment on the issue of public camping in the local community.

Survey results showed overwhelming support for the continuation of public camping within designated areas and with regulatory controls and enforcement in place.

Council made a range of decisions including to develop a Freedom Camping Strategy (covering the entire municipal area) and to ensure the Boat Harbour Beach Development Plan identifies a suitable site for public camping within Boat Harbour.

The Boat Harbour Beach Development Plan will be available for comment in late May/early June. The Plan aims to provide an overall vision for the township across a range of areas and will define locations of permitted and restricted public camping. The Freedom Camping Strategy will define specific regulations, controls and implementation strategies.

Interim Signage

In September Council also agreed to proceed with the development of an implementation plan for designated and regulated Freedom Camping at Boat Harbour Beach.

As the first stage of this process, Council will erect interim signage outlining the permitted areas for camping at Boat Harbour Beach before the Easter holidays.

Signage will permit Freedom Camping in the Green shaded area above – with overnight parking or camping prohibited all other areas.

Council Officers will patrol the area, taking an educative approach to enforcement in the initial period of change. Police will also respond to complaints. Penalties will be applied if continuing non-compliance occurs.

Boat Harbour Beach Tasmania - image courtesy of Wendy's Wanderings
Boat Harbour Beach Tasmania - image courtesy of Wendy's Wanderings



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