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Camps Australia Wide at Broken Hill, New South Wales
Camping Tips

COVID Planning

The images is us at Broken Hill, New South Wales 🙂 Here’s a question we received, that we thought may help other travellers or those planning trips: Q: We would like to freecamp around central and western NSW, but we are concerned that many sites listed in your marvelous book may be closed due to Covid 19 restrictions. Is there any way we can find out about closures before we set out. We live in Narooma NSW, so our planned trip would not involve crossing any state borders. Many thanks for the years of happy experiences we have had using your book. A: Glad

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Cowra by Cowra Tourism

What is open (and not) for camping in Cowra, New South Wales

Cowra by Cowra Tourism We recently had a query in our Facebook Group – if bookings were needed at Farleigh reserve near Cowra?  This is NSW site 542 in Camps 10 or you can find it in the Camps Australia Wide App.  Cowra Shire Council advised that they have: “two recognised camping locations they manage, Cowra Van Park and Gooloogong Primitive Camping Ground which are open with restrictions in place. I would direct you to Cowra Council’s website and the latest COVID-19 updates are located on the site.” Unfortunately, the only information I could find on council’s website about the COVID updates doesn’t say the

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Bevan and Loretta Potts

Camping and RV travel is on the rise

Since COVID restrictions eased (for most of the country), we have seen a huge increase in customers, and interest in travelling Australia. For one, there’s not many other places available for travel at the moment, are there? Two, compared to other forms of travel, camping is comparatively cheaper. It means your dollar can be stretched and we can all stay on the road for longer. Three, we are incredibly lucky to live in such a magnificent country – with such a diversity of landscapes to explore. Why wouldn’t we want to check out our own backyard? So I would encourage you

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lookout for Porcupine Gorge National Park, Queensland - near Hughenden

2 presents for Dad, 3 camps and 10 ideas for lockdown

Father’s Day is now just over 2 weeks away… so we have 2 ideas for you!  One – Enter our Father’s Day Giveaway – with a chance to WIN our man-sized $425 FATHER’S DAY Gift for Dad! It is on Sunday, September 6 – and if you have a Dad, Grandad, Stepdad or Father-in-law who loves camping, enter to WIN our man-sized $425 FATHER’S DAY Gift for Dad: a Camps Australia Wide Premium Travel pack ($124.99) AND a $300 BCF Voucher! Enter inside Facebook Messenger (takes less than a minute!): Enter to Win A Man Sized Father’s Day Gift (I know some of you are not

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Yelarbon Silo Art - image credit: Hugh Gilmore

10 Lockdown boredom busters for frustrated campers

Yelarbon Silo Art – image credit: Hugh Gilmore We are feeling for you Victorians! And anyone who is in ‘iso’ again. You’ve had a taste of freedom after our first lockdown, nationwide – but it has become tougher. With only essential businesses open in some locations, and limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, we thought of a list that might help you through these coming days. Lockdown Boredom Buster #1 Trip planning Time to pull out the CAMPS 10 and Caravan Parks 5 books and plot those trips you haven’t yet travelled. Make a list of possible routes you’d like to embark on

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Cliff Head Central

Keep freedom camps open in Dongara – Denison, Western Australia!

Update July 21, from council website. We are pleased to hear that council have responded positively after this article was produced: OPEN CAMP SITES Cliff Head Knobby Head Freshwater Point CLOSED CAMP SITES Seven Mile Beach Dongara Town Oval – RV Overnight Stay The dump point at the 24 hour rest stop will remain open A shire in Western Australia have shut their free camps to support caravan parks in the region.  I’m just off the phone from the Irwin council’s CEO, Shane Ivers. He said, “Caravan Parks have lost their key income stream, we encourage people to come and

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Cambroon Caravan Park a few years back, site 109 in Caravan Parks 5 or find it on the Camps Australia Wide App

Queensland’s Roadmap – Camping from June 12

Cambroon Caravan Park a few years back, site 109 in Caravan Parks 5 or find it on the Camps Australia Wide App When is Camping allowed in Queensland? According to the Queensland Roadmap, camping and holiday travel is allowed from June 12. That is for “in region” maximum 250 km, ensuring you don’t cross into an outback region or cross the state border. What about travel in the Queensland Outback? If you live in an Outback region, your region is within 500kms radius from where you live, making sure you don’t leave what is defined as an outback region or cross

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