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Camps Australia Wide at Broken Hill, New South Wales
The images is us at Broken Hill, New South Wales 🙂

Here’s a question we received, that we thought may help other travellers or those planning trips:

Q: We would like to freecamp around central and western NSW, but we are concerned that many sites listed in your marvelous book may be closed due to Covid 19 restrictions. Is there any way we can find out about closures before we set out. We live in Narooma NSW, so our planned trip would not involve crossing any state borders. Many thanks for the years of happy experiences we have had using your book.

A: Glad you love your Camps 10!

As far as we have been advised – most are still open. Especially rest areas, where motorists need to be able to rest from their travels.

Remember it is not just COVID, but also bushfires have affected a few areas. For long term closures (like bushfire damage) we do add that to the App listing for that campsite.

It is easy to check National Parks and state forests, closures should be on their websites.…/widespread-closure

If it is privately owned, you can check directly with the owners.

Tourist information centres in each town will be able to advise not just if the local campground or parks are open, but also what tourist attractions are available?

It does pay to plan and book ahead in this COVID environment, with limited numbers at attractions as well as some campgrounds.

Finally, some people have been checking on our Facebook Group “I Love Camping Australia Wide” to see if other people have travelled to certain areas recently. Use the topics there to help you find that information or search for the name of the area.

All the best with your trip!



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