Camping and RV travel is on the rise

Since COVID restrictions eased (for most of the country), we have seen a huge increase in customers, and interest in travelling Australia.

For one, there’s not many other places available for travel at the moment, are there?

Two, compared to other forms of travel, camping is comparatively cheaper. It means your dollar can be stretched and we can all stay on the road for longer.

Three, we are incredibly lucky to live in such a magnificent country – with such a diversity of landscapes to explore. Why wouldn’t we want to check out our own backyard?

So I would encourage you to book ahead, where possible. Not just for overnight stays, but attractions, or you may be disappointed. From what we are hearing bookings are up for 2021. Some camps haven’t re-opened yet – because of restrictions or finding camp hosts and staff. Some free camps have introduced bookings – for instance NSW National Parks now have a booking fee (attributed to COVID). 

This may take some extra planning – but that’s what our books and Camps Australia Wide App are equipped for. Here’s some more fodder for your routes….

We’re delighted to announce that we are working with GoRV on presenting the Free Camp of the Month. Have a read of this online magazine: – we’ll let you know when our first article is out September 24! 

Today we present you with three WA beachside campgrounds (two of them, brand new), an iconic QLD destination and a SA station. 

Keep sending your photos in, we love this one of our last four CAMPS books from Loretta and Bevan Potts at Cania Gorge, QLD – they bought every single edition! If you are not already out there, happy planning!



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