Stone The Crows Festival

 Stone The Crow Vertical 2014

The inaugural Stone the Crows Festival was a wonderful success – a sincerely thanks all the Grey Nomads who came and enjoyed the camaraderie, games, entertainment, seminars and workshops and everything we all shared. The Festival is back for Easter 2014 with more of the same, plus some extra additions to the program. With Grey Nomads coming from 172 different post codes, it shows how much they appreciate catching up with old friends and making new mates.

So you are invited, once again, to join in something rather unique. The mix of all RV’s, caravans and motorhomes, camper trailers and fifth wheelers and even a couple of tents, will once again mean, no matter what your choice of vehicle, you will meet like-minded people and make new friends. Many RV’ers travel with four legged friends – Nikki and Diesel (two border collie pups) made lots of new friends and want to catch up again. This is a pet friendly event – provided your four legged mate is accompanied by a well behaved human, who observers polite protocols that dog owners understand.

Grey Nomads don’t have to be on the road full time, they don’t even have to be grey, they just have to be of that age group commonly referred to as “Grey Nomads”. We have set the criteria as someone who is at least half a century old – we may as well be proud of achieving that milestone! Probably if our children saw some of the things we get up to, we might be referred to as recycled teenagers. We are all young at heart even though our bodies are saying we are getting older.

The Chief Crows and their team look forward to seeing many faces from last year and introducing new attendees to the fun and friendship of other Grey Nomads. Please explore our website through the menu on the left hand side of each page.

See you in Wagga Wagga – Every Easter!



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