Proposed Tin Can Bay freedom RV park moved out of town

Great that a new freedom RV site is planned for Tin Can Bay, Queensland BUT the draft presented to Gympie Regional Council late last year proposed the more convenient site as the Depot off Coral Trout Drive (pictured).

Council officers said it was visible, not used for any other purpose, was not in proximity of houses and only 200m to shops. We did a site visit and noted it was a large flat area, also in walking distance to Tin Can Bay Inlet.

The local councillor suggested there was the potential for misuse and compliance issues and a larger site out of town, and that CMCA should be invited to look at potential sites.

In addition, Norman Point was said to be a more obvious site – already set up and beautiful – but “heavily used”, another option is Crab Creek and a local club also suggested their land.

NOW the revised report only includes a site out of town – at Gympie Road/Pennycuick Road.

Outer limits of a walkable distance from the main street was the reason a potential site was removed in Kandanga, why not Tin Can Bay where the site is out of town?

What do you think of the Gympie RV Strategy and five new free sites? Read our summary and concerns,

See the list of new sites, closed sites and existing council run camping sites in the Gympie Region.

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