2022: longer school holidays, floods and new free camps

Looks like 2022 is already going sideways, with Queensland school holidays being extended. However, we started off the year well with a trip to Borumba Deer Park. Is there anything better than a summer cool off in the creek and a long camp lunch?

We also share some REAL cost savings when you travel. Let us know yours! Learn about a free camping town in NSW, free NT overnighter and a new budget RV park in SA.

If you care about increasing campsites and helping councils act to make campsites worthwhile for travellers, check out the article we have on Gympie’s new RV camps. It seems there are a few changes from when they were first proposed. Your opinion may well help decision makers understand real campers’ preferences.

We’re sending hugs to everyone affected by ex cyclone Seth in our Wide Bay region of Queensland. We only camped at Dickabram Bridge a few months back. It is so hard to believe that the Mary River was lapping close to the road – a mighty 23 metres above! Check out more photos of the bridge here – we’ve added footage of the flood on our Facebook page.

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