New owner and plans for Helidon Spa, near Toowoomba, Queensland

Welcome to the new owner of Helidon Spa, Dean Cameron
Welcome to the new owner Dean Cameron

Have you heard of the Helidon Spa? 

Once the largest pool in the southern hemisphere, this water based tourist attraction was built in 1959. However, the area was settled back in the 1800s – it was a natural lake fed by mineral springs and rainfall. This permanent source of water in the area for the local wildlife.

In the 1920s, owners made the permanent source of water into a bluestone metal lined pool. Though the pool was filled in years later, remnants of those 1960s concrete edges can be seen.

Now the Helidon Spa has a new lease on life. Congratulations to the Cameron family, from Brisbane, who have been working hard making sustainable improvements and have renamed it Helidon Spa Eco Village.

What to see and do?

Come enjoy lakeside camping, dine at the sandstone picnic tables, have a BBQ with water views – all on a beautiful 24 acres. Although the water is not suitable for swimming, guests do fish for carp – with catch and release!

With this new ownership comes exciting changes the new general store building is under construction – with shop and reception and improvements are also planned for the recreation hall. Already it is a a place to relax, entertain, watch TV and play pool. They ‘ll have more announcements on projects in the park to come!

Located 110km west of Brisbane or 18 km east of Toowoomba, about 250m south of the Warrego Hwy in the Lockyer Valley, this eco-friendly getaway offers more than just lodging.

Experience the beauty of the Lockyer Valley.

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