Horses for Courses

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup, I am so very excited – it will be my first ever time at this Aussie icon. Even better, I’ll be sharing the occasion with my mum.

I expect a few more crowds there, compared to our hobby horse races, won by dice throws on our bowls green at Rainbow Beach. As exciting as those races may be, it’s the fashions and the silks I’ll be watching, more than the horses. The marquee and the bubbles won’t go astray either!

Despite the journey to Victoria, I have a couple of sites for you – one you can bring your horses, too (and dog, and kayak). We announce (drum roll…..) our App has been updated, and is now easier to use. Of course, not everyone likes technology, and some prefer to steer clear from the books. We prefer to travel with both. 

As usual, we’ve received lots of feedback in the last fortnight, including:

“I get a larger than coincidental number of campers calling me to book a site at the Port Campbell Recreation Reserve (Victoria). Finally someone quoted Camps as the place they got the number. I have no affiliation or link to the park! I just hope it’s been updated and things ease off as Camps 7 becomes less used.”

I am pleased to say this doesn’t happen very often, we are regularly told how “spot on” our sites are. So please help this fellow out – change the number in your CAMPS 9 book (no. 571 Victoria) to 0431 128 790.

If you’re pausing for the ‘Race that stops the nation’, good luck!

Find out more about budget and free camping sites, or caravan parks throughout Australia – take advantage of our 15% discount by entering the following coupon at the checkoutdirectcaw9.



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