How do I get offline maps & sites?

Offline Maps are a Premium App feature available only to subscribers. To unlock Offline Maps you will need to subscribe for an Offline Maps only subscription within your App or become a Camps+ Premium Member.

How to access Offline maps:

Open the Explore tab in the App and on the right side of the map screen you will see 4 small icons. The second icon shows an Wifi Offline/Online signal, tap this to access your offline map options.

Note: If you see a paywall when you tap this icon you will need to upgrade before being able to proceed as Offline Maps are a Premium App Feature.

Once you have opened the Offline Maps page, you can then download offline maps, manage your previous map downloads and turn Offline mode on and off.

Downloading Maps:

When downloading a new offline map you can choose to download a specific state by simply tapping the download button to the right of the state’s row, or choose the green ‘Download All Maps‘ button at the top of the page to download the offline data for all 8 states and territories in one go. To download maps you will need to have a strong WiFi connection/signal to successfully download them.

TIPS: We recommended downloading or updating offline maps right before you intend to travel. This will give you the most up to date maps to use – because our data is updated daily and any changes made after you download, such as new sites, closures, pricing changes etc, won’t show until you update your maps again.

We also recommend that if you only have limited free memory/storage available on your device/s to only download the states you require in the immediate future. When you require additional states you can then remove the maps you no longer need (see instructions below) and install new maps.

Updating Maps:

If updated data is available for maps which you have previously downloaded, the Download button to the right of the state’s row will switch to showing the word Update to indicate an updated map is available. Tap the Update button to update the map on your device.

Switching to Offline Mode:

To activate your offline maps and keep using the Camps App when without cellular data or wifi, you will need to switch to Offline mode. From the Offline Maps page, tap the orange Use Offline Maps button at the top of the page. The button will change to red to indicate your app is now in Offline mode.

Once you are in Offline mode, you can search and browse sites and discover site information and directions just like normal in the app.

NOTE: to turn on Offline mode you will need to have previously downloaded an offline map to your device.

Stopping Offline Mode:

To stop using your offline maps and return to the live version of the app, return to the Offline Maps page and tap the large red button to turn off Offline mode. Once you do this the app will instantly be returned to live mode.

When you are without cellular data or wifi:

When you are out of cellular range coverage, there are two ways to select the Offline Mode. First you can access via the Offline maps section, below filters tap the first grey icon, an arrow pointing down, then select Use Offline Maps. Alternatively you can access the offline maps in the Map Settings, below the filters, select the second grey icon, a stack of squares and choose the third option Offline to switch to Offline map navigation.

Removing downloaded Maps:

If you are running low on storage space or no longer need offline access to a state previously downloaded, please swipe left on the state’s row which you would like to remove. A red button will appear on the right of the row with a Delete option in it. Tap the Red Delete button to remove the map you no longer require offline.

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