How do I get offline maps & sites?

To access Offline maps, look below the filters button on the main map screen, you will see three grey icons. Tap the first icon, a “Download” icon which is indicated by an arrow pointing down, to access the Offline Maps section.

Here you can choose to download a specific state, simply tap the download button to the right of each states listing, or choose the green icon at the top for Download all maps to download all states offline data.

You can also switch to your offline maps here, by tapping the green Use Offline Maps at the top of the page.

It is recommended to only download offline maps before you intend to travel, as the data is updated daily and any changes made after you download, including new sites, closures, pricing changes etc, will need to be updated again before travel.

When you are out of cellular range coverage, there are two ways to select the Offline Mode. First you can access via the Offline maps section, below filters tap the first grey icon, an arrow pointing down, then select Use Offline Maps. Alternatively you can access the offline maps in the Map Settings, below the filters, select the second grey icon, a stack of squares and choose the third option Offline to switch to Offline map navigation.

If updated data is available for maps that have been previously downloaded, the Download button to the right of the state will now display the option to Update instead.

If you are running low on storage space or no longer need offline access to a state previously downloaded, please swipe left on the desired state you would like to remove, then tap the Red Delete button on the right.

NOTE: You will need to have a strong WiFi connection/signal to successfully download these maps & data. It is recommended that users with limited free memory available on their devices only download the states they intend to travel to in the immediate future.

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