Note: Trip Planner is not viewable when offline.

To set up a new trip, tap on the My Trips icon (Briefcase Symbol) at the centre/bottom of the navigation page. To add a trip, tap the + Create New Trip button in the centre of the screen, once your first trip has been added, add additional trips by tapping +Add New in the top right of the menu.

You can then add a Name, plus a Description, as well as add a cover photo for your trip. To add a cover photo for your trip, tap the Add Cover Photo button below the description field. Note: you must allow the Camps app access to your photo library when prompted by your device.

Tap the Create button in the top right or at the bottom of the list to finalise and create your trip.

There are several methods to add sites to your trips.

You can add a site to a trip via normal Map navigation. Tap on a site’s symbol to access the sites expanded details. To the right of the sites name and star rating, you will see the Trip Planners Briefcase Icon, tap this and you will be presented with the option to add to an existing trip from your list, or tap the green +Create a New Trip button at the bottom of the screen to add the site to a new trip. Repeat this process for any site that you want to add to your trip(s).

You can also add new sites within the trip planner, tap the trip planner icon at the bottom of the main map screen to access your trips menu, then create a new trip or select a previously saved trip. If you have no sites added to your trip you will be prompted to +Add first point in the menu, you can then select to switch to Map View if you would like to select a site from the map; you can select Show Nearby, which will show all sites within 50km of your current location on the map; or you can select Go to Favourites to select from your favourite sites list.

You can also create a customised Pinned location for your start and end points by tapping the +Add Point button in the top right corner of the menu. This will give you some additional options to choose from. Select Start Point to add a starting location for your trip, you can add a start date for your trip here and use your current location or manually enter a street address for another location. Repeat this process if you would like to add an End Point for your trip.

To view your trips, go to the Trip Planner menu at the bottom of the page and select a trip from your list. The map section will display the sites you have selected for your trip. You can tap on these symbols to go to the site page. The List View displays your sites in the order they were added to the trip, tap on a site in the list to view the sites expanded details.

You can edit several options for your trip by tapping the Pencil in the top right of the trip planner screen. These features are detailed below;

Reorder & Edit Saved Points – To reorder sites in your trip, hold your finger on the Cross symbol to the right of the site you wish to change, simply drag and drop to your preferred position in the list. Tap the Pencil to the right of the site name to add/edit arrival and departure dates for each site. Tap Update in the top right or Save Changes at the bottom of the page to update the sites details.

Edit Trip name & Description – Here you can adjust the name and description of your trip, tap Save in the top right corner or Save Changes at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes.

Edit Cover Photo – Tap Add Cover Photo if you have not yet selected a cover photo for your trip or select Change Cover Photo to update your already selected photo.

Delete Trip – Tap this if you would like to delete your trip from the Trip Planner, Tap Ok to Confirm or Cancel to go back to editing your trip.

You can also Add Notes to your trip to allow you to keep track of any important information along your trip. From the trip planners Map or List View, tap the +Add Point button to the top right of the menu, then select Add Note. You can add a date for the note at the top then select Add note and type in any information you would like to store, then tap Save in the top right or Save Note at the bottom of the screen to complete.

You can also Share your trips with others by selecting the forward arrow in the top right of the screen, to the left of the edit menu button. You can then share your trip via Airdrop (Apple devices only), send via Text message, email or via any of your installed Social Media applications.

Watch a quick tutorial video about how to use the Trip Planner

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