Please note – Offline Trip planner features are NOT available within the free version of the Camps Australia Wide App. Offline Trip Planner features are ONLY available when you are a Camps+ Premium Member or have purchased the Offline maps subscription within the app.

To access and create Trips, tap on the Trips icon (Suitcase Symbol) located in the centre of the bottom navigation bar. The Trips homepage will show any trips currently in progress, a list of your most recently created trips as well as trips shared by your friends. To view all your Trips or all Friend’s trips simply select View All to show all.

To add a new trip, tap the green circular + Button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also tap the + Button in the top right corner to add a new trip.

In the Create New Trip form, add a Trip Name, a short Trip Description and add your Start and End dates. To add your dates tap the date field to open the date picker popup. Select your preferred dates then tap outside of the date picker to lock in the dates selected. (Please note – that you do not need to enter dates to start planning your trip, these can be added/adjusted at anytime)

You can also add a cover photo for your trip by tapping the Add Cover Photo button. You will be given the option to select a photo from your device’s image library or take a new photo with your device’s camera. (Please note – you must allow the Camps App access to your photo library or camera when prompted by your device)

You can then choose a colour theme for your trip. This changes the User Interface colour scheme and route marker when viewing your trip. You can use colours to identify different types of trips, maybe one colour for short overnight adventures and a different colour for longer getaways.

Tap the green Save Trip button to finalise and create your trip, or tap Save in the top right of the screen.

You will then be shown your new trip and you can start adding stay points and start/end points right away.

Open the trip planner, then create a new trip or select a previously saved trip.

If you have no sites added to your trip you will be prompted to + Add your start point. You can add your start point by enter an exact address at the text field and select to confirm the address from the drop down options. Or select to Use your current location or Drop a Pin to select a custom location from the map. Pinch and pull the map to zoom and navigate. Once you have added a start point, tap Save Start Point at the bottom of the screen to proceed.

Repeat this process for setting an end location via the + Add your end point option at the bottom of your trip list. You can also quickly pre-fill your End Point with your Start Point if you trip loops back to where you started.

After you have added start and end points, tap the blue Add your first trip point button. You have two choices: Add a Stay, where you select an existing site from the Camps database or Drop a Pin, where you can add a custom point – this might be a friend’s house, free camping spot or another memorable location you want to remember.

  • Adding a stay – If you know the name of the specific site, type into the search bar at the top of the screen and select from the results. Tapping to select the site will automatically add it to your trip. You can also search for a city, town or suburb in the search bar if you don’t know the exact site name or choose ‘switch to map’ to browse via the map. You can also browse your favourites to find a site to add or search sites nearby in a 50km radius.
  • Dropping a pin – If you want to add a custom stop on your trip select Drop a pin. Pinch and pull the map until the pin is right where you want it. When you have got the pin in the right spot tap the Save button to save your pin.

You don’t need to be in your Trip builder to add trip points, you can save sites to your trips anytime you are browsing and using the Explore map.

You can add a site to a trip via normal Map navigation in the Explore Tab. On the map tap on the site’s symbol, a preview will pop-up and if its the correct site you want to add tap again to open the full site listing.

In the top right of the screen you will see the Trip Planner Suitcase Icon. Tap this and you will be presented with the option to add the site to an existing trip or create to a new trip. To add to an existing trip, select the trip from the list and follow the onscreen steps. Or if you want to add this site to a new trip, tap the green +Create a New Trip button at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts.

Repeat this process for any site that you want to add to your trip(s).

When viewing a trip you will be able to see the total distance travelled and the distance between each trip point. The trip map will also show where each trip point is located and the route between these points.

If you tap on a trip point you can view the site name and address, quickly navigate to the site, add arrival and departure dates, check-in to the site, add photos, record memories and notes about the site, or leave a review. Use this page to create a full journal entry of your stay so you can refer back to it later and also share you day to day adventures with your friends that are following the trip. If you have shared your trip with friends, this page is where they can add comments, you can reply and they can also leave you a “like”.

List view – List view is the default trip view. List view shows you all your trip points in list form down the page with your start and end locations at beginning and end. List view is where you do all trip editing, sharing and reordering functions.

Carousel view – If you want to view your trip in a more visual way you can switch to carousel view using the carousel icon in the icon bar located under the trip header image. Carousel view allows you to scroll left and right through your trip rather than down the page. When you want to edit or share your trip simply toggle back to list view using the list icon under the trip header image.

Carousel view is the view your friend’s see when you share a trip with them, and is also the trip view which Camps app community members see if you pin your trip to your public profile and post it in the newsfeed.

View on the map – You can view your current trip’s route on the Explore Map. Tap the suitcase symbol on the right hand side of the screen. This will display your route on the main map to help you explore sites based on your current trip.

There are two ways to share a Trip with friends:

Invite Trip Mates to collaborate together on your Trip – At the top of your trip, below the trip photo you will see a banner with 4 icons in Grey circles, tap the ‘person and plus sign‘ icon to invite mates to your trip. Trip mates can actively collaborate with you on the Trip, including being able to add and edit trip points and add dates, notes and photos. Please note – only the trip creator can invite new trip mates (or remove those previously invited).

Share Trip – At the top of your trip, below the trip photo you will see a banner with 4 icons in Grey circles. Tap the share arrow to open your share tools. You can share your trip to a new friend by inviting them to the Camps App or by choosing an existing friend/s from your friends list. Shared trips will be viewable only by those friends you have shared the trip with. These friends can follow your adventures and leave comments and likes on your trip. They can’t edit or change your trip in anyway. If you want your friends to collaborate on trip content please use the Trip Collaboration feature explained above.

Delete Trip Point – To remove a site/pin from your trip, first tap the site/pin you want to remove in the trip list and this will open the site/pin details page. Tap the Trash Can icon in the top right corner to delete this point from the trip. Then when you’re asked to confirm tap Yes, Delete to remove the site/pin from the trip or No, Cancel to return to the site/pin details page.

Reorder Saved Points – To reorder sites/pins in your trip, hold your finger on the site/pin you wish to change and a ‘move icon’ (4 way arrow) will appear on the left hand side. Simply drag and drop the site/pin to your preferred position in the trip order. Once you have dropped the site/pin into its new order the map view and route will automatically refresh to reflect the changes.

Edit Trip Details – At the top of your trip, below the trip photo you will see a banner with 4 icons in Grey circles. Tap the ‘more menu’ icon (3 black dots) to open your trip edit options. Select Edit Trip Details to update the name or description of your trip, edit trip dates, change your cover photo or adjust the colour scheme. Tap Save in the top right corner to confirm your changes.

Delete Trip – At the top of your trip, below the trip photo you will see a banner with 4 icons in Grey circles. Tap the ‘more menu’ icon (3 black dots) to open your trip edit options. Tap Delete Trip at the bottom of the menu to delete the trip. Then when you’re asked to confirm tap Yes, Delete to confirm deletion or No, Cancel to go back to editing your trip.

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