Freedom Camp at Ballinyoo Bridge, WA

Here’s an update from Lyn Quilty: “A fantastic free camp spot is Ballinyoo Bridge, on the Murchison River. Big open area for larger vans or groups, then smaller, more private sites going well back from main road. Just follow the tracks. We had a quick swim each day, saw a couple kayaking, lots of walks, wildflowers, good spot for birdwatching, curious emus, wood available. A beautiful spot for a few days. No facilities other than million star accommodation.”

Thank you Lyn, for sending in your photo and sharing your review with Camps Australia Wide. Ballinyoo Bridge is WA site 405 in #Camps10, or find it on the #campsaustraliawideapp You’ll find it between Murchison Roadhouse and Mullewa. It’s dirt road and we recommend the north side. Pet friendly, shade and serenity!