Freedom Camp at Ginty’s Lookout

The Red Centre is internationally famous for good reason, with massive natural wonders like the Ayers Rock and the Olgas in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the breathtaking sandstone escarpments of Kings Canyon and the contrasting extremes of the MacDonnell ranges high, dry peaks and the cool, fresh sanctuary of its low lying rock pools, this contrasting landscape has many treasures waiting for the avid explorer.

The scale of this area cannot be understated, comparable in land mass to entire European countries like Albania or Slovenia, this part of the Red Centre is massive and requires serious planning. For most routes, permits are required to traverse this truly immense landscape. With that in mind, we have a perfect overnight stop just for you!

Ginty’s Lookout (NT site 46 in Camps 10 or find it on your App), also known locally as Jump Up lookout, or incorrectly known in many places as Morris Pass, is the perfect place to break up the many legs required to navigate this breathtaking landscape. Whether you are traveling west from the Alice across the MacDonnell range and descending down into Kings Canyon on your way to Ayers rock, or ascending your way back to the Alice, this is a perfect spot to get some rest before you make the next long leg of your journey. Also note: 4WD recommended. 

Located approximately 40 km North West of Kings Canyon, this winding ascent takes you from the low lying Morris Pass leading out of the canyon, up to Laprinta Drive, the main route back to the Alice (permit required), or divert north and head through Tyler’s Pass to explore the MacDonnell Ranges on your way back to civilisation. There’s no pets and 24 hours stop only. With breathtaking views, a convenient location and the availability of fire pits to take the edge of those cold desert nights, Ginty’s Lookout is definitely worth marking on your maps!

Hema Map reference: 184 C4 



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