Easter holiday camping restrictions eased in Queensland

Freshwater Campground, QLD site 216 in CAMPS 11 just near Teewah Beach, south of Rainbow Beach - or find it in the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App
Freshwater Campground, QLD site 216 in CAMPS 11 just near Teewah Beach, south of Rainbow Beach - or find it in the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App

More of us will be able to camp in Queensland’s national parks and forests this Easter with the easing of COVID19 restrictions.

State-wide national park and forest camping areas were currently at 62% capacity during the Easter long weekend, about double January capacities.

The easing of restrictions will mean an additional 500 camping spots will become available at Inskip Point in the Cooloola Recreation Area just in time for the Easter long weekend.

“While many of our more popular camping areas like Teewah Beach and Bribie Island are booked out for Easter, there are still many other national parks and forests with camping sites still available,” Minister Scanlon said.

“Our online booking system will be updated to reflect the eased restrictions and ensure that as many people as possible can get into the great outdoors.

“Many of our campgrounds are perfect for families, with picnic areas, barbecues, and shower and toilet facilities. Other campgrounds are great for fishing and water sports like canoeing and water skiing.

“Or you can take in the lush rainforest, diverse wildlife and bush tracks that lead people into the hills to breathtaking lookouts.

General camping safety tips:

  • Take plenty of water for drinking and cooking
  • Take a first aid kit and plenty of insect repellent
  • Be sun-smart and take extra sunscreen
  • Be aware some campgrounds will not have mobile phone coverage
  • Never feed, handle or approach wildlife
  • Ensure your equipment is in good working order
  • When hiking or walking, know your limits and choose suitable walks
  • Be considerate of other campers by minimising noise
  • Fire bans or restrictions may apply
  • Be prepared for rain and storms
  • Pay attention to signage and advice from rangers

Minister Scanlon said people taking holidays from central to far north Queensland were reminded to be Crocwise in croc country.

“And campers and visitors to K’gari for the Easter holidays are advised to respect the wongari (dingo) and never approach them or deliberately or inadvertently feed them,” Minister Scanlon said.

“People should also ensure they advise family or friends of their holiday plans, including a departure and return date.”

Check out your CAMPS 11 or CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App for campsites and look for the Natioanl Park or State Forest coloured icons in the maps, and new symbols in our listings. 

To book a campsite, visit: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/camping/bookings

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