10 Travel Tips for the Gibb River Road in 2024 (so far)

Here’s some camping and roadtrip know-how from Silent Grove Campground, after a swim in Bell Gorge. Just one of the highlights of the Gibb River Road in Western Australia’s Kimberley, here’s some helpful advice (including free camping) from what we’ve learnt along the way…

Tip 1 

Give yourself enough time to enjoy it! Driving fast is not the solution. Too many times, we’ve had vehicles roaring past from the other direction. A great way to damage windscreens. 

Tip 2 

How much time? It depends how many side trips you add in! Only about 700km, you can double that if you want to see Mitchell Falls and Kalumburu. If you can, allocate 12-14 days to really experience it!

Tip 3 

It’s a good idea to research the hikes – so you know roughly what you need to bring/which time of day is best etc… For instance, some walks are best in reef shoes, others hiking boots are safer.  

Tip 4 

Which direction? Does it matter? Just let it fit in with your plans. If the Gibb is your end destination, you can “do the loop” – and include Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles) and Geikie Gorge… 

Tip 5 

What’s closed? Charnley, Gibb River Station and Mornington.

Tip 6 

Use empty soda water or soft drink bottles to store UHT milk (I was told they could disintegrate and leak, and it is true!) and wine from casks. Our fam had a red wine cask blowout after the Great Central Road and it wasn’t pretty! 

Tip 7

No need to load up your freezer or fridge with meat, you can pick some up at stations along the way. You can also purchase meals at some places, but it’s a good idea to organise the majority of your meals. 

Tip 8

BYO firewood, and alcohol, we haven’t seen much along the way! So far… plus there are special rules for alcohol takeaways up here, and in the Pilbara. 

Tip 9

Dump Points are few and far between, they are located at Nillibubbica Rest Area, Derby and Wyndham/Kununurra Turnoff. 

Tip 10

Yes, you can free camp the Gibb River Road! There are smashing spots to choose from – well positioned from each other, and some waterside – just check your CAMPS App and guides.

Follow along with our Gibb River Road series, here are some of the amazing gorges we loved.

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