COVID schooling, Mum’s Day & Camps from Every Corner of the Country

It is our last newsletter before Mother’s Day. We send a big Mother’s Day virtual hug out there. Especially to all the teachers, COVID and home schoolers – like me. Ours two remaining school kids are big boys now, though – year 10 and 12. Imagine schooling the four of them when they were all in primary school! It was tough enough when we did our lap and expected their travel diary! How do you homeschoolers survive? 

We know that our The Camps Australia Wide Community Cook Book has been flying off the pallets. It is ideal for any Mum who loves to cook, camp or caravan. So are our other books, if Mum doesn’t have them yet. You still have time to send it directly to her, remember that Australia Post has had some delays – so get onto it now! 

I am loving all the wonderful backyard camping and firepit set ups we see on the Facebook Group – I Love Camping Australia Wide . Please keep them rolling in!

Positive news for travellers, with restrictions eased in some states. We’ll be looking forward to a Mother’s Day picnic in Queensland and in WA you’ll be able to go camping again! (Within the travel and social distancing restrictions).  Although this crazy COVID time still has us hunkered down, hopefully it won’t be long before other regions are opened up again, and we’ll all be on the road. It is definitely a time to plan future trips, and at Camps Australia Wide, we have the perfect tools for that!

Were you on your driveway for a novel ANZAC Day tribute? Colin Toll shares with us a Queenslander ANZAC service with a difference in this newsletter, plus we cover almost every corner of Australia – with a Tassie camp, a bucket list must in WA, a SA station stay and recipe with a recommendation in Victoria.

Here’s a pic of my beloved Mum – I wish I could see you, and Heatley’s lovely Mum and all our kids – but we’ll wait until we’re given the travel go ahead. To all the mums, step-mums and foster mums, grandmas and nannas, Happy Mother’s Day!



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