Traveller’s Story: Why I free camp

Enjoy this traveller’s story from one of our campers Terry Lawrie.

I just read your newsletter on the myth: “Free camps are only worth staying at if you want to save money” and thought this might be of interest. We travelled extensively from 2004 till 2011 and in that time spent about 25 nights in caravan parks. We used your book a lot. I recently gave my wife Camps 12 as a birthday present. as we have bought another van and are heading off in May.  A little something I wrote a few years ago….

Leg Godt, [means ‘Play Well’ in Danish]
Terry Lawrie

We find one of the greatest experiences of our travelling is the quiet time we get to spend by the fire under the stars as darkness pushes the light from the day. Just sitting quietly together, sometimes the two of us and sometimes with new friends, listening to the silence interrupted by the crackling fire, occasional insect chirping, nocturnal bird and if we are lucky the distant howl of a dingo or two under the roof of a million or more stars is a pleasure almost indescribable.

At such times even the distant hum of a truck or two or rumbling of a train take on a pleasant cloak as we are lulled into a sense of wonder and almost awe by trying to absorb all we can see and not hear. It truly awakens the senses in a manner hard to describe or understand. this is why we choose to camp in the bush, it has very little to do with the cost.

Waking to the silence as light washes across the countryside and rising to see the sun also rising is a special privilege. Then sparking the fire into flame to boil the kettle as we relax in the comfort of each others company,not talking just appreciating the beauty of this great country is another reason we choose to bush camp. It has very little to do with cost.

Breakfast over Lyn takes about 10 minutes to the housework while I check temperatures, voltages and connections. Chores done we decide to spend another day, after all whats the rush, pull on some boots,or thongs depending on where we are, and head off together to explore our surrounds. Wandering quietly along the animal pads that trickle through the scrub always on the look out for firewood we gain a new perspective on the creatures we share this planet with before returning to camp and a welcome cuppa. This is why we bush camp. It has very little to do with cost.

Cuppa finished it’s time to turn the mind to important things, like lunch. When we are camped lunch is our main meal and is often the highlight as well. First question how much wood or will we be using the webber? Then into the fridge and pantry for inspiration. Decision made there is no hurry for who cares if we eat at 11 or 12 or 1. After much dilly dallying and a little grumping we usually manage to serve some sort of culinary adventure that most times does the job, although there have been failures. Eating at our little fold up table, or in the van if the flies are busy, is a much more intimate experience than at home as we are much closer to each other and the silence in the background, as opposed to the TV when we’re home, seems to amplify our togetherness .
This is why we bush camp. It has very little to do with cost.

Thanks so much Terry and Lyn!

 We totally agree – free camping or freedom camping is not so much about the price tag, more about the way of life! Thank you for sharing your words and Leg Godt to you.

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