The best tip for finding MORE free sites in the CAMPS App

Big Toms Beach offers free camping and it is a Regional Park in Victoria - and many more are waterside, without strict time limits
Big Toms Beach offers free camping and it is a Regional Park in Victoria - and many more are waterside, without strict time limits


Thank you so very much this app and updates are fantastic you provide a great product for those wanting to travel this exciting country of ours.

The only thing I find hard is getting free camps that you can stay for a while while saving for fuel for the next leg of the journey it’s hard on little money . But thanks so much I’m exploring the site to get my trip sorted.



Firstly thanks so much for your kind feedback. Heatley and I are so pleased you are enjoying it!

App Free Site Symbol

In answer to the free camps, it really depends what state and region you are in. Around most coastlines, free camps will be sparser. Same goes for lengths of stay, they vary depending on local authorities and state guidelines.

Remember to search for free camps using the ‘FREE’ symbol. If you don’t mind giving a donation, use that symbol also.

As there are free camps within other types of camping – not just the black moon and stars symbol.Books Free Site symbol

For instance, there are FREE pub stays, state forests, RV Parks – we even come across free caravan parks! Free sites aren’t only picnic and rest areas.

I hope this helps you to find some more camps to your liking!

Happy planning and remember there are loads of tips (and featured camps) on our blog – one of our latest is 21 ways to travel further for less.

Thanks again, John.

Select the price range filters – rather than site type to find FREE and donation sites or even budget sites.

There are FREE pub stays, halls, national parks, state forests, RV Parks as well as rest and picnic areas in the CAMPS App and guides

Use the right filters to find these free waterside camps! They aren’t just the black moon and stars symbols.

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