“Top no. 1 info tool everybody needs”

We come across travellers and their stories every day. When Peter Warden (pictured on the left of this image with his friends) sent us this email about the camps app, we just had to share. 

I downloaded alternative apps…… and then I renewed my camps membership and paid the 10 bucks ….


  1. You do a bloody good job with your app and the POI and the book.
  2. I used you for 12-13 years and think you are important in the past, and now, and for the caravan community. Others jumped on your success, but you are the right guys I like to support for what you have done.
  3. ….. there are people out there who drive around in caravans or 4WD or rigs who paid 20-40 grand and more (I have only a little caravan with an old car and still paid 20 grand for both together) and many of them are p*%&ed off because you ask for 10 bucks per year for a top no 1 info tool everybody needs? That is approx[imately] 82-83 cents per month. Something you pay for a 1/2 litre diesel. Too much for many people? I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I don’t have to pay my ex wife anymore and I think I can afford 82 cents per month.

I had my reason to renew my mobile app and will do it next year too. You do a bloody good job. Go on with it.

The story with the book ……

I was at a caravan park in NSW and met there others Germans like me. A couple around 35-40. With a teenage girl. Three people in a little Toyota mini van.

We talk a little bit and they told me they never ever before visit Australia and they don’t speak English and they have no plan where to go. They have only a time frame to the flight back and a goal of where to go.



Caravan parks?

No idea.

Knowledge about anything?

No ……

I couldn’t let them go, so….

I’m covered with POI and APP and I gave them my book and advised them how to use it ….. and to learn bloody English before they come the next time …… if they find the way home! 

Thanks Peter for sharing your story and love for our products! We certainly agree that a CAMPS or Caravan Parks book is essential for anyone camping around Australia! We have sent Peter the latest Camps book as a thank you for his generosity. 

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Peter Warden
 Peter's current set up! 

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