Camps Researchers on the Road
Leisa has been with us since 2009, as our Technology and Marketing PA.  She handles the design and distribution of the Camps Newsletter that Heatley and I write for you each fortnight and she is also one of our teams’ web designers and created our current app website.
Originally from Queensland, she decided to travel a few years ago, house sitting around Australia and continuing to work for us remotely. 
“Once when I was on the road, Heatley called me with some urgent work.  I found a place with internet signal, pulled up under a shady tree somewhere outside Gundagai, sat cross legged on the grass with my laptop, completed the job and was back on the road again!  It’s great that I can pretty much work anywhere.”
Leisa loved travelling around Australia, meeting new people and that feeling of seeing a place for the first time, but the beauty of Tasmania won her over and she eventually bought a little property in the north east of the state.  
“The slow pace of life is what attracts me, I love the cold winters and warm fires, and the beautiful scenery – I wouldn’t live anywhere else and it appears my offsider Buddy feels the same,” says Leisa.

“Working for Camps Australia Wide is very rewarding, I love finding new sites and chatting to owners and travellers.  The people I talk to on the phone are always happy – they are  usually on holidays, so hey, who wouldn’t be?”  

Leisa doesn’t just check out sites in Tasmania, she is also a member of the team that keeps our database humming along, updating sites and finding new places for you to camp. If  you have any problems uploading images to the app, email subscription issues or updates,  you can contact her on  leisa@campsaustraliawide.com.

Sharing new camps at the local cafe

Cafe Owner Angelina Hemphill (right) keeps the Camps Books to help tourists stopping in Branxholm