Update on Maps 104 and 109

Please find an update for Maps 104 and 109 for your CAMPS 12 books, we are sorry for any inconvenience. For some reason, certain site numbers were incorrect. On these versions below, they have been amended.

If you can print to the correct size, you can replace these in your book. If not – manually crossout and correct the sites numbers.

Below are PDF versions of each map – right click (or click and hold on mobile devices) and select “Save As” to save it to your device.

Again, our sincere apologies. We hope this update assists with your travels.

Corrections List
Map 104

Site nameDisplayed SiteCorrect Site numberHEMA REF
Nicholson Point195196104 D2
Leven Canyon196195104 F2

Map 109

Site nameDisplayed SiteCorrect Site numberHEMA REF
Hill Top Farm Meander9091109 K12
Meander Cabins Country Cabins9190109 K12
Round Hill Coffeenil181109 J9
Latrobe Overnight Stop184186109 G11
Sherwood River Camp185187109 G11
Girdlestone Park186188109 G11
Horsehead Creek Riverside Park187189109 G11
Forth Recreation Ground189190109 G10
Lake Barrington190191109 H10
Lake Gairdner Campground191193109 J9
The Berry Patch192194109 F10
Nicholson Point193196109 F10



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