Why it really doesn’t matter HOW you travel Australia

Eromanga Hall QLD

We talked about the steps we follow as I trip plan: check dates and set travel goals, build a wish list, develop an itinerary. If you missed the series, just click on these links.

Our last step in TRIP PLANNING for 2023 series is sorting logistics and transport/accommodation.

You need to ask HOW will I travel? Now, it is a 4WD and van for us! For many, working this out, is the number 1 step. You may need to know this to determine what type of sites you can camp at, or the roads you’ll travel. For instance, do you need to be self contained? Will you require a 4WD? Are you hiring an RV? Are you on a motorbike? Has your family grown, and do you need more beds? Can you only camp at powered sites?

Cranky Rock Nature Reserve, near Warialda, NSW
Cranky Rock Nature Reserve, near Warialda, NSW

(We HAD to change up to our latest van because kids had grown not in number, but in size, and no longer fitted the bunks!)

Do you travel with or without pets?

The thing is this, regardless of HOW you decide to see Australia – via caravan, tent, swag, camper trailer, motorhome, bus, roof top tent or big rig, there will be options for everybody in our CAMPS guides and App

There is even a special symbol for Big Rigs – each listing shows what types of camping is allowed at the site, and if you can bring your dog or cat.

Whether you are in the desert, a beach, outback or city – you’ll still see the same stars, have campfire conversations, and the opportunity to experience the same attractions. 

How you travel is less important – the crucial thing is that you ARE travelling! So, get planning. Do what you can and relax! Have fun camping in 2023. And if that lap isn’t going to happen just yet, or you’ve just returned from one, don’t be despondent – one final note:

“Instead of a trip of a lifetime, plan a lifetime of trips.” 


Found in a Darwin pub
Found in a Darwin pub

TIP: Book your Christmas campground or caravan park now for 2023! If you are still searching for a camping getaway in peak periods – we have 12 tips for finding last minute campgrounds and caravan parks. Use our CAMPS App and guides to help you! 

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