Where to check flood and storm affected parks in Victoria, before you camp

Check before you go - Victoria Parks

Parks Victoria, Forest Fire Management Victoria and the Conservation Regulator are urging travellers to be extra prepared before visiting parks and forests.

Even where the rain has stopped, the impacts of floods and storms will continue for months ahead. Things might not be as expected, and forecasts and park conditions may change rapidly. Victoria continues to experience the impacts of widespread floods and storms, affecting many communities across the state.

Many campsites and access roads, particularly near rivers in northern Victoria, such as along the Murray River, are closed or partially closed and will remain so until they are safe to access.

While they are working to reopen these places, some of your favourite destinations may be closed, partially closed, or have changed operating conditions.

For your safety, avoid these impacted areas. Before you leave home, check the conditions of the park you’d like to explore on the Parks Victoria website.

This list is updated weekly:


More information

In areas where public land has been heavily impacted by flood and storm closures and restrictions, consider alternative activities that support surrounding communities. When visiting parks and forests:

  • Before you leave home
  • Pay attention to all signage and barriers, they are in place for your safety
  • Avoid camping, picnicking and parking under trees as wet, loose ground is causing them to fall without warning
  • Take care when using roads and tracks, they are likely to be slippery, have surface damage and soft edges
  • Reconsider the type of activities you will undertake in flood-affected areas

More safety advice is available on the Parks Victoria website.

For up-to-date information on park closures and impacts on Parks Victoria estate, visit Flood and Storm Affected Parks. For information on road and forest closures on DELWP-managed land, visit ffm.vic.gov.au/forest-and-road-closures.

For public safety, Authorised Officers from DELWP, Parks Victoria and the Conservation Regulator will also be patrolling forests, parks and reserves targeting illegal off-road activity, littering and unsafe campfires. It is an offence to use closed roads and areas.

Where safe to do so, crews have begun assessment and recovery work across the state, but it will take time to reopen roads, campsites and visitor areas, particularly in hard-hit areas like northern Victoria.

Reference: www.parks.vic.gov.au

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