Where are you travelling for winter?

It’s the last day of autumn, WHAT winter travel have you planned?

Heatley likes to drive, I control where we go! I sit with the CAMPS book on my lap, and the Caravan Parks nearby, our App and camera ready. Is there a clear role in your vehicle? How do you solo travellers work it all out?

Because we audit as we go, and we’re normally on a time limit – we do operate on an itinerary. That piece of paper is lovingly nurtured over weeks of planning, ready to change it up for a whim or a road not travelled.

Our latest was a little ‘explore’ on the Cooloola Farm Trail, held twice a year in the Gympie Region. We visited a Rossmount Nursery and walked to the platypus. A no show, but a pretty little track.

At Lindol’s Macadamia Farm, the owners took us on a tour – we learnt many of the trees take 8 years before they start bringing in any cash. The packing shed was interesting (pictured), as was the orchard and harvesting demonstration. Best of all I learnt why their macas were the BEST I’ve ever tasted.

It was a wet, wet weekend, so much so the nuts weren’t cracking for visitors. So the owner popped them in an oven overnight – at 80 degrees. Apparently, roasting them in their shell kept in all the flavour. He was right! I’m going to try that as well.

When we travel Australia, farm tours are always on our list. From pearls to wool, cotton or cheese – it’s great to meet the people who produce it, and learn about the industry.

There’s something for everyone in our latest newsletter – a new QLD farmstay and music festival, an iconic National Park/Station Stay in SA, spectacular WA Indigenous Community and travel tips for the CAMPS 11 book.

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