What to do and where to stay at Wee Waa, New South Wales

What a beautiful town – with an interesting name. The Kamilaroi meaning is ‘Fire for Roasting’ and you pronounce it War, not Wah!

We stopped out here for an 18th, but stayed out of town, on a cotton property. Cotton is what the town is known for, and why it is called Australia’s Cotton Capital.

Wee Waa is also said to be the oldest town on the Namoi. Originally cattle and cereal crops drove local income, but in the 1960s, cotton farming began.

However we did have time for lunch, and were right royally treated at the Imperial Hotel. I read it was the first three storey building in north west NSW. I love those iron lace balconies.

A toasted sandwich, rissoles, gravy and vege and a burger and chips for the three of us. And it was delicious!

Checkout the Wee Waa Court House for more history, and the Police Station. There is also the Commercial Hotel.

Where to stay?

Wee Waa has two pet friendly caravan parks and the showgrounds.

Waioma Caravan Park is on the southern side of town, Mainway Caravan Park is on the eastern entry to town on the Kamilaroi Highway. The Wee Waa Showgrounds are budget priced, pet friendly, no tents, with a 72 hour maximum stay. It is located on the north east side of town.

More to see and do


There are eight bird routes of the Western Namoi floodplains, with found over 138 different birds on cotton farms around Wee Waa! These routes take you from Wee Waa to Pilliga and Burren Junction. You might spot vulnerable species like the Grey-crowned Babbler and the Brown Treecreeper.


Check out Pillaga Forest and Mt Kaputar National Park for tracks. Plus lots more camps! 

Heritage Walks

Wee Waa has a historical walk, as do Narrabri and Boggabri.

Go West Tour

Narrabri has a suggested route – you can see the CSIRO Australia Telescope with SIX 22 metre wide antennas at Paul Wild Observatory and Information Centre.

Yarrie Lake is a 3 km long, on the edge of the Pilliga. They have budget camping, with lots of facilities, you can have camp fires but no pets.

Namoi Echo Museum is run by the Wee Waa Historical Society. They boast murals and machinery – you can pick up a brochure for the self drive historical tour of town, too! Look out for the bronze plaques that show off the town’s sites.

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