What is a dump point?

A dump point is where RV travellers dispose of their waste, known as grey and black water. Grey water is any domestic wastewater – but not sewage and black water is sewage, or the waste from your portable or on board toilet. 

With environmental issues becoming more of a concern to travellers, this is of major importance. 

Both the Camps and Caravan Parks books contain a comprehensive list at the back, alphabetical by town in each state. Teh listings are clearly explained in the back of the book with an explanation of an example listing. 

Sometimes situations change and the accuracy of accessibility and type of facility can not be guaranteed.

Public dump points are also listed on maps (see Symbols used on maps). 

Dump points are also on maps in the Camps Australia Wide App. Select that symbol to find out more about the site. 

Most of the dump points accessible by big rigs would need a waste hose, preferably 3 metres or more in length. Where information is available, listings show whether the dump point is suitable for cassettes or holding tanks and whether big rigs can access it. 


What is a cassette toilet vs a holding tank? 

Both are black water tanks for your permanent toilet on an RV or boat. The cassette is a portable, and the holding tank is not. 

Portable toilets (e.g. Porta-Potti) also operate with a cassette.

Cassettes are not meant to be emptied in public toilets. There are now thousands of dump points around the country, including more in caravan parks for patrons – plenty for you to find one nearby! 

Please leave the dump point clean and tidy. Please respect the courtesy extended to you if you avail yourself of this service. 


What chemicals should I use in black water?

The use of chemicals in black water is of concern, so it is advisable to use those which are biodegradable and eco-friendly rather than those containing chemicals such as formaldehyde. 



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