Now available! The CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App has been released for a three (3) day trial on android and iphone. 

Lots of people have taken it up since the 3 day trial started – it has been going about a week now.

If you know and love the CAMPS books, and you like using an App for your travel as well, then it is  definitely worth giving it a try.

Here’s some feedback from other travellers:

Thank you for making it so easy to travel.

“Just completed two months on the road. Thousands of kilometres. Dozens of wonderful camps. Dump station every day. We planned our days around your app.

Been travelling Australia for 45 years. It has never been this easy.”.

Mary and Wal Pitman

I love the way the phone app works. 

It’s just fantastic. You get to the end of the day, and look ahead to camps for somewhere to stop the night. 

I’ve travelled from Ayers Rock to the Gold Coast. North Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales. I did a big loop and used it quite a bit.

I’ve been totally satisfied and don’t use other camping apps. The functionality, it’s great planning a stop for down the road, especially when you don’t know what’s ahead. I love it.

Mark Savage

If you’d like to give it a try, visit your app store now! 




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