How do you travel? Pet friendly or pet free?

Top of the Town Tourist Park- image Peter Creigh
Image: All smiles at Wallangarra, QLD an image featured from our App thanks to Peter Creigh

Sometimes on our Facebook group – I Love Camping Australia Wide, there is a little bit of controversy about travelling with pets, especially dogs.

Why? I guess it is because there are still some inconsiderate pet owners out there who may not keep their animal on a leash or contained, don’t pick up after them or let them yap. Plus there are folk who don’t understand how other travellers call them “fur babies”!

In fact, we regularly receive requests to focus on sites that are pet free, so some campers can escape “man’s best friend”.

Well, regardless if you like to travel with your pet, or avoid them – the new Camps 11 book is designed so you can easily identify what sites will suit you.

In previous editions you had to look to the listings pages to check which sites were pet friendly or pet free. Now you can see it on the maps – all you have to do is choose a site with or without ears!

We all know caravan parks have different rules around pets. And did you know that some National Parks do allow dogs? We have one just around the corner from us at Inskip Point, QLD. Also, different states have different rules – some state forests allow pets, in other state conservation areas are not places you can bring your animals. In Camps 11, it is all spelled out for you.

Conditions do apply – some places are pet seasonal (a new symbol in our Camps 11 book) where pets won’t be welcome in their peak times. Size limits, dog breeds and number of dogs may be a factor. Some sites do not allow cats. So please always book ahead and check.

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