Free Camp at Toapin Weir, Western Australia

Toapin Weir is a free camp only two hours from Perth, and 8 km north of Quairading, Western Australia. 

This is a picturesque overnighter – along with the great views and interesting history there are electric BBQ and toilets available. 

Toapin Weir has actually been built around a natural granite formation, for pioneering families around Dangin. In 1912, and innovative landowner, Jonah Park and engineer T. C. Hodgson built an 18 foot high 200 feet long concrete wall. As thick as 12.5 feet, the wall was all that was needed to capture 4 million gallons of rainwater. 

What is cool about it, is that is was all privately done, innovative and I read it rivalled any other scheme – in fact it was “unequalled in the Commonwealth”. And, the water is still useable today. 

It was raised in 1935 to help supply Quairading, and connected to Kalgoorie’s water supply in 1965. 

See and do

  • Climb to the top of the rock for views!
  • Check out the history on the info boards
  • Stargazing

CAMPS travellers have said this is a quiet spot, spacious and they appreciated the flushing toilet! Remember, BYO loo paper. You’ll see their comments and these beautiful pics in the CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App. 


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Toapin Weir, Western Australia
Toapin Weir, Western Australia



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