FREE CAMP and PET FRIENDLY: Burning Mountain Reserve, NSW

Burning Mountain Reserve is located near Wingen, in the Upper Hunter, New South Wales, stop in and see an interesting free camp.

Have you been here? We stopped into the loo and read up on the signage whilst we were there.

What to see and do

I would like to do the 4.6km “Mystery Walk” with views. Signs outline why it is a mystery. There are naturally occurring burning coal seams, the only one in Australia! I read it has been burning for over 5500 years. 

The first Europeans thought the smoke was it was a bushfire, then a volcano. Although it was well known to the Wanaruah Peoples, their word ‘Wingen’ means fire. 

The traditional ways of life and sad history of the local Wonnarua Peoples are also pictured in the signage.

Towarri National Park and other nature reserves are located nearby to explore. Keep a lookout for the Wingen Maid. 

There is also bushranger history. Back in 1863 a bushranger Henry Wilson shot and killed a drover, Peter Clarke, just  north-west of Burning Mountain.


Burning Mountain Reserve is managed by National Parks NSW, however it is a reserve so pets are allowed.

It is very close to the road and railway, and we are told it can be noisy at night! However, I really felt like I was in the bush here.

It is a sloped site, which if busy, could make it tricky to find a suitable camping area.

There is mobile coverage, shade and picnic tables. The sheltered areas have seen better days – but do check them out for the local history write ups!

Wingen is just 5 km away, with Blandford and Scone also nearby.

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