CAMPS Team Members: Jed and Tyla Elmer

Absolute gems, Jed and Tyla are the friendly voices you’ll hear when you call our office. We first met Tyla when she was working in reception at our doctor’s surgery. Back when they were a family of four, they kindly agreed to help us with a photo shoot and TV ad for another business. Not long after that we bought CAMPS and both Tyla and Jed started verifying sites. Their dedication and sense of detail meant they were first in our list when we expanded our team in 2019. They are both very active on their school’s P&C, and we love that CAMPS is a business they can work together in, as their gorgeous family grows. 

What is your role in CAMPS? Researcher, Tech Support, Product Development (and so much more, says Michelle!)

Who do you travel with? We travel with our 3 children.

Hobbies? We both love the outdoors. Jed has recently started wood-turning and Tyla enjoys crafts and reading.

What do you like about the role? We thoroughly enjoy connecting with people all over the country, and always come across interesting places we hope to visit.

What is on top of your bucket list for Australia to see and do? Tasmania! The bucket list is long though!

Where do you live? SE QLD

How do you camp? Tent



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