Pre-order your Camps 11 today!


Our Camps community know that every two years we produce a new edition. Purely thanks to Australians travelling more in Australia, we’ve had to get our skates on as we are now out of stock.

So due to popular demand, with the whole team working like trojans ‘underground’ – we are very excited to let you know that Camps 11 is now available on pre-order! 

Your feedback and our research has led to further improvements again, so our books are even better than previous editions again! There’s a lot to look forward to with CAMPS 11. Heatley and I and the CAMPS team work so hard to produce each new edition, auditing different areas across Australia and acting on every update or site suggestion you send us. 

This year has a very special meaning and more impact than ever before. It has long been our mission within CAMPS to encourage travellers to see more of our beautiful country and to support rural and outback communities. We are grateful we are able to help people during these times – and Camps 11 is now available for preorder for our amazing community.

Pre-order your CAMPS 11 – and choose the Standard or Easy to Read edition (with campsite photos and larger maps).

If you’d like your loved one to be one of the first travellers to have a new book, order today. Please note, we cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. 

Pre-order your newly released Camps 11 book today! Simply enter the code: preorderCAW11 and save up to $27!





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