What’s New in Camps 11? 


For the first time in the history of CAMPS, you can identify the site type at a glance on the maps.

We now have these colourful new symbols so you can see if it is a recreation or showground, national park, state forests or nature reserve, station or pub stay, RV park or other freedom or paid site.

Without looking at the listing, you can see if it is pet friendly depending on whether the numbered oval has ears or not and which type of stop it is depending on the colour. 

We’ve included this in our new App as well, and Kelly L has told us: “My favourite is the way you can see whether it’s a pub/club or a farm stay etc by the cool symbols. The pubs and farm stays are my favourite camp spots so now you have made it so easy for me to find those camp areas just by looking for the beer mug or cow head symbol.”

Some campers prefer National Parks or State Forests, others wander from one showground to the next. Perhaps you are like Heatley and I and enjoy all types of stops. Any which way, choosing where to stop for the night is even easier! 

As well as new symbols on the maps,  each listing now has a street address as well as GPS co-ordinates for easy navigation and CAMPS 11 has been printed in Australia. 

Choose the Standard (A4 size) OR Easy to Read edition (B4 size with larger maps and campsite photos). We have clearly labelled each CAMPS 11 version to help you purchase the right one for you. 

As always, sites are 100% researched and updated with new sites and changes. Plus there’s all the our regular features you can expect from Australia’s favourite RV and camping guide – colour coded states, one index for the whole country, a complete list of public dump points and fold out map of Australia to plot your trip!

Pre-order your Camps 11 book  now.  Enter the code: preorderCAW11 and save up to $27!




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