This is definitely the most expensive camping guide available in Australia – but is it?  All the others to date, bar one, cover individual states and some just parts of a state, so overall it really is terrific value. Added to this, it truly is a very professional publication. The huge problem with all published guides is they are out of date even before the first book is sold. The Camps team has overcome this limitation in a very unique way, using the technology that most of us use everyday. As updates come in they are entered onto his dedicated internet site. . We liked the big A4 pages and the night/day symbol indicating at a glance if the spot is definitely an overnighter. Another great idea is having a Hema map reference as well as the books own easy to read  maps.

The publication is mainly designed for those caravanners and motorhomers who, because of budget restraints, tend to look for low-cost or free camp spots whilst travelling. It’s also great for those who enjoy camping the most when well away from crowds. Lets face it, you can save a lot of money if you just use commercial parks just a couple of days a week to do the washing and have long hot showers. The team has even ferreted out road houses and service clubs who are “camper” friendly. Those following the Bowen saga in Caravan World would have read how a roadhouse owner is inviting tourists to stay overnight at his premises – free! Like most of you we have downloaded and printed out various guides available on the internet. Most efforts print out extremely badly. The big drawback is they are all so hard to read as they do not use the legend system. Those spread out across two pages are almost impossible to use in the vehicle whilst on the move. Phil’s couldn’t be easier and of course it follows main routes, so you don’t actually have to have a good geographical knowledge of the area.

There are over 3,300 listings which include:
Rest Areas – Free Camps – Low Cost Caravan Parks – National Parks – State Forests and
Parks – Reserves – Roadhouses – Service Clubs

You can order by mail, fax, phone or online using your credit card * You will easily recoup the cost of the book in the first week, and yes it does show the pet friendly places! It really is the definitive guide to camping in Australia and is a “must have”. Absolutely recommended.
Bob Eustace



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