2 free camps, 2 budget camps and 2 App announcements!


It is a relief to hear that travel and business restrictions are easing further in our country. We are working hard on a national audit of campsites, but hope to take advantage of the possibility of visiting other states very soon!

We celebrated through a screen for a dear friend’s 80th in SA, but we were grateful to travel to a 50th bash in Brisbane on the weekend. Melbourne Cup was also fun here in Rainbow Beach – and although I lucked out on the Race That Stops the Nation, our table won the very prestigious hobby-horse Rainbow Cup!

More events and trips are planned, and we hope you are able to as well!

A major new update for our Camps Australia Wide App went live in the last couple of weeks. It was a complete overhaul – with new symbols so you can visually identify site type on the maps!

In addition, the last few days we have launched live fuel pricing and locations, all included in the App at the same price.

We’ve received wonderful reviews of the new App. If you’d like to know more – take advantage of the free trial. If you already have the Camps Australia Wide App, ensure you have updated to the latest version.



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