1. Easter fare  Pack your chocolates eggs or bunnies, candy Easter eggs. We buy the candy eggs from Pittsworth, QLD – they are a Easter essential, and sometimes hard to source. If you are off the beaten track, you don’t want to make a trip back for topping up supplies.

2. Camps Australia Wide books You need to know where to go, and Camps 10 will have all the sites to choose from across Australia – free and budget, from National Parks, farm stays to lookouts and picnic areas. All approved for camping, to give you confidence to stop. If you also like to stay in caravan and tourist parks, add to it our Caravan Parks 5 book. Or buy the two in a Travel Pack, available in two sizes.

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3. Camps Australia Wide Mobile App The App enhances the value you have from your Camps Australia Wide books. You can review sites, read other’s reviews, see more photos and read more information about the site, as well as what thing we recommend you do and see in the area. We still talk to devoted readers everyday, who don’t know we have one. At only $9.99 a year for all the latest info on over 8500 sites, it is a no-brainer.


4. A booking! Unless you are free camping, book ahead. Easter is THE peak time for camping across Australia. Check book or App and phone ahead. If you have pets, let them know – there are many sites which are pet friendly except in peak periods.

5. Early birds may not catch the worm, but they will be able to secure a site! If it is possible, leave early. Easter traffic can be horrendous from a city, and you could be rewarded with that perfect spot, right by a river or view!

6. Easter egg hunts around the campsite are also fun if you have children with you – so bring some little foil wrapped eggs that will do the trick.

7. GPS POI If you like travelling with a GPS, why not access the latest POI data for a whole range of satellite navigation devices.

8. Insect repellant, sunscreen, togs? Warmer clothes for night time? Make sure it is all on one checklist. Better still, you will use that one list again and again. (Parents and carers, we would give a list to each child, so they can tick off each item, as they top up their own gear. I checked through the list with them as they added each into their bag. Win, win!)

9. Marshmellows or bunny marshmellows? Make sure you check if fires are allowed at the campsite, and if there are no fire restrictions, before you get the family anticipating finding the perfect cooking stick and gooey marshmallows in the flames.

10. Even though they have been out since February, bring the hot cross buns if you like them. Warm them up in some foil – or toast near the coals. Add butter, and that’s Easter breakfast, done!

(PS Slip slop slap and the rest – you don’t want your Easter bunnies to arrive home peeling and irritable. Also see our Free Campsite Checklist: 50 Things You MUST Have To Free Camp in Australia, and more tips in case you are camping for the first time!)

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Save 15% Off + FREE SHIPPING on CAMPS 10 & Caravan Parks 5