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Here we are and January is almost over! We have been receiving quite a few queries for people looking to understand the difference between CAMPS Pendium and our other products CAMPS and PARKS. Read on and we’ll go through in more detail.

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Our new CAMPS Pendium is a different product and meets different customer needs compared to our other guides. I still love and use my CAMPS 11/Parks book every day! CAMPS 11 has so many innovations and new travel trends in it – there is still a lot to be excited about! CAMPS Pendium has individual state guides, which has been requested by our readers, over and over again.

And our customers are loving it!

Comparison between CAMPS 11, Travel Packs and CAMPS Pendium… 

Latest data

The camps and maps in CAMPS Pendium are still based on CAMPS 11 and Caravan Parks 6 with every site personally checked. The CAMPS Pendium is the latest release.

New symbols

The latest symbols (swimming, fishing/site types like station stays and showgrounds etc) and listing layout are exactly the same throughout the options, too!

Site types

CAMPS 11 includes every camp site type, including unique outback and remote camping sites, farm stays and show grounds, national park and state forest sites, but only budget caravan parks. CAMPS Pendium and Travel Packs include all these plus ALL caravan parks  across Australia.

Camps 11 and Caravan Parks 6 Economy Travel pack

Price point
Travel Packs are the most cost effective option if you stay at both camps and caravan parks.

Travel with pets

If you have pet – you can see pet friendly sites on the maps – these sites have ears and a symbol in the listing. With CAMPS Pendium you can tell pet friendly from the listings only.


CAMPS Pendium is only available in the “Easy to Read” size. Which means it has larger maps, larger print and is easier on the eye. However, if you are after the standard size A4 – it is only available in the CAMPS 11 or Economy Travel Pack.

Camps 11 and Caravan Parks 6 Premium Travel packSite images

If you love site photos, CAMPS Pendium is the only version that has photos across all sites, including caravan parks. The Easy to Read CAMPS 11 has photos of camps only, not caravan parks. If buying a Travel Pack, choose the Premium for camp images.

FREE App subscription

All options now give you a free 12 month subscription on our App. The App and guides work really well together for your planning and navigation.

Road tripping

However, if you like the idea of only travelling with a state at a time, instead of  the whole country – choose a CAMPS Pendium.

If you like to navigate using a lighter, easier to handle book – CAMPS Pendium is convenient. It is stitched and bound, but will still sit flat on your lap or table, like the other spiral bound editions.

If you are travelling all of Australia on ‘The Lap’ – any of the options will work! The CAMPS Pendium means you change from book to book as you cross states and territories. They all sit neatly in a box set with a fold out jacket with all the introduction.

CAMPS 11 Easy to Read is our only hard cover book. CAMPS Pendium, Caravan Parks 6 and CAMPS 11 all have soft covers. However CAMPS Pendium comes with a protective slipbox case AND a fold out jacket. 

Finally, it is not an either/or choice. Many CAMPS 11 customers have bought a new CAMPS Pendium, also. You can have one guide at home, the other for the road. Or one for the car, another for the van – etc.

I hope that helps – thanks for supporting an Aussie family owned business.

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To save 15% on your purchase use discount code


Your discount will work on all 4 individual products and travel packs!


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