What you need to travel Australia

Cape Keraudren WA - image Ken Herne
Cape Keraudren WA - image Ken Herne

From Ken Herne: “I hope to provide some inspiration to those people debating whether you need this and that in order to travel around Australia.

My wife and I have just returned home after completing 26,000 klm and 6 months touring around Western Australia, NT, SA and Victoria living in our 18’ 1964 Wayfarer caravan.

We were very comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We free and low cost camped the majority of the time, left the TV and generator at home and did not have air conditioning and did not miss any of them.

We cooked on camp fires when available and met many wonderful and interesting people and did not have any security concerns.

So people, stop worrying and get out there.”

Printed with permission, thanks Ken – just inspirational and I love your van. Ken added “The Camps 11 book and Garmin navigator app were used extensively.” So glad to hear! More of Ken’s photos on the group ‘planning a lap of Australia – hints and tips’.

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