NT Vince Connolly Crossing 2

If you are hankering after wide open spaces, then you’ve found it. A perfect overnighter, this is a roadside rest area, but has a large area where you can get away from the road.

There are lots of shady sites and plenty of room. The toilets are suitable for people with disabilities and were only upgraded last year.

There’s water, a dump point, fireplaces, it is suitable for big rigs and pets, but please note it may be sandy in places and it has a 24-hour limit.

All in all, a good stopover in area where there are not too many options.

Signed as Limestone Creek, you’ll find it 58 km south west of Katherine or 138 km north east of Victoria River.

Look up NT site 225 in CAMPS 10 or if you have our CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE App as well – simply go to the map or list and search with the site name!

NT Vince Connolly Crossing