Top 10 Australian Travel Blogs of 2013

2013 written on sandIf you are a keen traveller, or contemplating travelling, these blogs are well worth a look. They are all written by Aussies who love travelling and sharing their tips and experiences with others. Although there are many great travel blogs out there, we picked out some of our favourites to share with you for the holiday season!

Aussie on the Road

Chris, the mind behind Aussie on the Road, is a creative traveller who writes informative travel articles that often have an edgy humour about them.

Bitten by the Travel Bug

Nicole has well and truly been bitten by the travel bug. The thing I love about this blog is the way she uses her personal experiences to share tips for overcoming challenges that many travellers would face.

Fearful Adventurer

Fearful Adventurer is an inspiring and creative blog written by Torre – an artist, writer and designer. Her blog gives a creative look at the world that you can’t help but love.

In Search of a Life Less Ordinary

Written by an expat, In Search of a Life Less Ordinary is all about living life to the fullest and pursuing a life outside the ordinary. It provides great tips, experiences and engaging stories for keen travellers

New Life on the Road

If you plan on travelling with kids take a leaf out of Lisa and David’s blog. This daring couple sold their home in 2010 to go on the road with their 5 boys and explore Australia.

Positive World Travel

Anthony Milotic and Elise Reeks are on an indefinite travel adventure exploring new places, new people and new cultures. This adventurous couple aim to use Positive World Travel to excite and inspire people to explore the world and experience travel for themselves.

The Aussie Nomad

The thing we love about The Aussie Nomad is the provision of essential information for travellers. It answers alot of the important questions travellers have about things like travel documents as well as offering great articles about must see destinations around the world.

The Road to Anywhere

Get your adventure shoes and and get on The Road to Anywhere. This blog is written by Dean Wickham a keen traveller and adventurer who shares his experiences, stories, tips and photographs.

Y Travel

Caz and Craig travel with their two daughters creating great memories and living their own exciting story. Through their blog Y Travel, Caz and Craig provide a pretty convincing answer to the question ‘Why travel?’ with their exciting and informative articles.

1 Year Off

1 Year Off follows a family around Australia over 2 years of travels. They have now settled in Brisbane, but this blog is a great reference point for tips, destination ideas and things to do and see in Australia.



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