Terry and Sue Cassidy

We’ve been travelling for five years now. The books have been very helpful – without them, it would have been much more awkward to plan ahead. Keep up the good work. 

Terry and Sue Cassidy

Bathurst NSW

John Ruys

Congratulations on an excellent publication. 


John Ruys

Tynong North


Graham Jones

Purchased a Premium Travel Pack

“We can’t live without it!”

Graham Jones


Val & Doug Brooker

Hi Camps Oz,

Received the books in good order (and promptly).

Thanks for this and also for all your efforts. We have been using your guides for years – and never had a problem.

See you out there, sometime.

Val & Doug Brooker.

Warren McCullough

Thanks so much for your work in maintaining the Camps Guide. We have only recently begun traveling in our motorhome and have found your guide to be a fabulous resource.

Warren McCullough

Bev and Jim 

Hi Cathryn

Thanks for the many hours of work you and your team have put into this publication over the years.

My husband and I first used your book in 2006  – an Edition 3, I think – when we did our trip ‘around the block’.

Since then we have bought 5, 7 and now 9.

I have just been busy marking all our tracks and highlighting all the  campsites we have used in our latest  book. What a colourful book we now have!

I think I might venture into purchasing your app next time!! It sounds as if it is very user friendly. If it is as easy to use as  your books have been, we will be very  happy.

Just was thinking about you -and all the work you must have put into this over the years. All I’ve had to do is access what we want from your work.

Thank you. 

Bev and Jim 

Gloria Zwifler

I bought 2!

One is for me, I previously had the smaller version. I travelled with a friend – he had the bigger version with photos and hard cover. I found those maps, particularly for my age group, way easier to read.

The other book, an A4, is for my daughter – they are selling everything and doing the lap.

The CAMPS books are just so handy when you get into those areas that you are not familiar with. I like to pull up around 4pm. I look on the map around lunchtime and go choose accordingly.

My “little dollhouse on wheels” an Avida Leura is just perfect! I find now I am on my own, you pull up in a free camp and people are friendlier, and more open to sharing their travel tips with you.  

Thank you for such a wonderful job!

Gloria Zwifler


Daphne De Hayr, Brisbane

“I love the books. I’ve had them right from the start. I like the pictures, it gives you some sort of an idea of what the area is like. Especially when you are travelling on your own. 

Me and my dog, we go away. We used to go four wheel driving, I love the out of the way places we’d camp for a week and wouldn’t see a soul. 

I like the peace and quiet. If I still have a dog to talk to, I’m happy!”

Daphne De Hayr

Leigh Watson

I recently had my first travelling in a campervan experience and found the Camps Australia Wide Book 9 invaluable.

Kind regards

Leigh Watson

Phillip Mitchell

Hi! Philip & Catherine. So very pleased to MEET YOU BOTH. at Wyandra Campsite No 686  Back in JUNE this year. You had an extraordinary trip by your news letter in July. We made it to Birdsville with all the wet weather, road closes,etc. And the FAMOUS Curried Camel PIE at the Birdsville Bakery, & all Birdsville had to show us. Big Red Sunset tour, AMAZING. Still had a GREAT time away, finishing up through the Artesion Spa’s in QLD & NSW. GREATTTTTTTT. break away. THANKS to YOU BOTH & Camps 8, had the most amazing time, exploring some of YOUR HARD WORK, in the Campsites. THANKYOU SO MUCH for Camps 8. Looking forward to CAMPS 9 next Feb 2017. Warmest Regards Phillip Mitchell, MARONG, Vic. LOVE ALL THE CAMPS BOOK. WE have had. THANKYOU.