Scottsdale Northeast Park, Tasmania is a freedom favourite

The Scottsdale Northeast Park was so busy, I dropped in to see why it was so popular over the Australia Day weekend. I said hello to a great couple from Gippsland, Ron and  Lee Harwood.

I caught them enjoying a breakfast of pancakes and local blueberries. Along with another camper Joy Bradford we happily chatted for ages, enjoying the morning sunshine.

They all agreed that Northeast Park was one of their favourite campspots and it’s easy to see why. You can’t immediately tell how pretty this campground is from the road. It’s situated on the Tasman Highway, and within walking distance to town.

The camp is bordered by parklands and a lake complete with ducks wallabies and platypus. There’s BBQ’s toilet and shower, dump point and the Council Park is well cared for by the local Lions Club.

Joy was heading off to circumnavigate Tasmania for five months, Ron and Lee for five and a half. Ron a retired policeman, told me that including the cost of the boat travel across Bass Strait and a couple of caravan parks, he worked out that by camping at Free Camps like this, his holiday was costing him just $3.50 per day! 

Of course – that’s just accommodation – travellers contribute so much more to communities, buying petrol, grocery supplies, meals out and recreation activities. 

It was great to meet you all.  Enjoy the rest of your travels around Tassie!



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