Pre-order your Caravan Parks Australia Wide 5 book Now…

Caravan Parks Australia Wide 5  (our new 2019 edition) is now available on pre-order. 

The book will be shipped late December – estimates are for after Christmas. Including free shipping, you can purchase it now, and you will be amongst the first deliveries, hot off the press. 

Already, the bookings are flowing in.

This edition has 27 new caravan parks, and over 2240 personally checked listings. I can tell you, it was a labour of love, between Heatley, myself and our researcher Leisa, we phoned and checked details for every single park!  You can order it now Click here 

What is new about Caravan Parks 5?

As the new CAMPS owners, we have tweaked a few things…

Most importantly, it is the same familiar format. Although we have freshened up the interior, you’ll find information is similar to successful previous editions.

First of all, we upgraded to the very latest Hema Maps. That’s an additional 59 maps meaning they are easier to read and interpret.

Next, there’s now one index for the whole of Australia so you do not have to go back and forth all the time between 7 indexes.

Finally, I love the new double page, fold-out map to plot our journeys.  I think you will, too.

Since we bought the business last March, the popularity of Caravan Parks has grown significantly.  So much so we ran out of stock 2 months earlier than we expected.  We found many travellers only knew about our CAMPS book – they didn’t know the Caravan Parks books existed! Click here to order.

Is a Travel Pack for you?

When asked, many people told us they stay in both parks and freedom/low cost camps. In short, if they like to stop at tourist parks, they realised it was a must-buy.

Many opted to save more with a Travel Pack. Remember, you can choose between the Economy or Premium Pack (where CAMPS 9 has Camps Snaps, hardcover and larger maps).

You can still purchase the Travel Pack – CAMPS 9 will be sent immediately and the Caravan Parks 5 from late December, as soon as it is available. Happily, there are no postage charges for any purchases direct from our website.

Produced by CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE, you know you have Australia’s favourite RV travel guides at your fingertips. Happy travels! 

Find out more about budget and free camping sites, or caravan parks throughout Australia – take advantage of our 15% discount by entering the following coupon at the checkoutdirectcaw9.



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