Our must haves for camping, outdoor, beach or picnics

We never quite know where our travels will take us, but when it’s time to pull up for a meal, the most convenient or pretty spot is where we’ll stop. If there’s no table, then a blanket on the grass and a view will do us just fine.
We’re always on the lookout for ideas or products that make our camping experience just that bit better. Today we’re sharing with you two finds that we love and use on our travels – the no spill glass on the grass wine holders and shoo fly food covers.

The holders stop your glass tipping over on grass or picnic table.  Michelle really loves the eco-friendly shoofly nets for keeping flies and insects away from our lunchtime spread or evening drinks and snacks.  Made from recycled water bottles and eco-linen they’re a must-have for camping, outdoor, beach or picnic and both super compact to stash away.

You can find them both in our Camps Products Store.

No more flies and insects on your food or shooing them away.  There’s 2 sizes of table-top fly nets now available on the Camps store, starting at $35

Glass on the Grass Coasters

You wont spill another drop or mix up who’s glass is who’s with these various coloured 4-packs of Coasters now available on the Camps store for just $35.

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